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Precious Metals Management (PMM) provides comprehensive current and historical information and data on platinum group metals (PGM), including:

  • PGM prices, price charts and reports
  • reviews of pgm supply and demand, charts and data tables
  • applications and sources of pgms
  • PGM images

We provide regular updates on LinkedIn and Twitter
Precious Metals Management is a business unit of Johnson Matthey Plc . Precious Metals Management comprises Johnson Matthey's platinum group metal market research and trading activities. A major distributor of platinum for over 150 years, Johnson Matthey is the world's leading authority on the production, supply and use of platinum and the other metals of the platinum group.

Johnson Matthey Plc is a speciality chemicals company with core skills in precious metals, catalysts and fine chemicals. Its principal activities are the manufacture of autocatalysts and pollution control systems; pharmaceutical compounds; process catalysts and speciality chemicals and the refining, fabrication and marketing of precious metals.

Please contact Precious Metals Management if you have any questions.

Johnson Matthey Plc
Precious Metals Management
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