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Market Research

Johnson Matthey employs a team of dedicated market researchers and analysts, whose role is to make in-depth long-term forecasts into the supply and demand of the platinum group metals. This information is used to help internal and external customers to understand how the markets for the pgm are likely to develop, and as a strategic tool to support our various pgm supply agreements with both primary and secondary producers of pgm.

Johnson Matthey PGM Market Report is our new publication reviewing and forecasting demand and supply developments in the platinum group metals markets. View our our new PGM Market Report.

Historical Platinum Reviews have been archived and are available in our Market review archive.

PGM Market Report

Latest PGM Market Report

The PGM Market Report will provide detailed data, analysis and commentary on the platinum group metal markets. This will include estimates of supply by country and demand by application for platinum, palladium...

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