Precious Metals Management: FAQs: What is Platinum Week?

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What is Platinum Week?

During the third week in May each year, representatives of the platinum industry gather in London, England for what has become known as Platinum Week. London is a historically significant trading centre for PGM where many of the properties and technical applications of PGM were first developed.

Platinum Week centres on an industry dinner sponsored by the London Platinum and Palladium Market (LPPM) which marks the anniversary of the inauguration of the London Platinum Quotation (the forerunner of the present London Fixings) in 1973. This event is by invitation of the members of the LPPM only and is attended by PGM producers, refiners, fabricators and traders.

The first major event of Platinum Week is the launch by Johnson Matthey of the next edition of its 'PGM Market Report'. A summary of the report is presented to an audience of Johnson Matthey customers, suppliers and partners. The report is made available to any interested party in English and Mandarin.