Platinum Metals Review


57th year of publication of Platinum Metals Review

Platinum Metals Review (PMR) is a free, quarterly journal of research on the science and technology of the platinum group metals and developments in their application in industry. PMR's broad coverage includes papers on the latest advances, reviews of research, conferences and books, and highlights of patents and scientific literature.

Please note, as from the July 2004 issue, Platinum Metals Review became purely an E-journal with the editorial team offering a free quarterly E-journal on the dedicated website: . The website has features to enhance the visibility of our authors and be a solid service to our readers. Subscribe to Email Alerts for new issues of Platinum Metals Review.  

Issues of Platinum Metals Review from April 1998 onwards are also freely available on the internet at the IngentaConnect website. To search Platinum Metals Review, click the Advanced Search button at the top of the IngentaConnect pages for Platinum Metals Review. Then type Platinum Metals Review in the Publication box. Enter one or more search criteria: in article title, keywords or abstract; author. 

Print ISSN: 0032-1400

Electronic ISSN: 1471-0676



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