Metallic products

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Glass industry products

Platinum and platinum alloy fabrications for manufacturing glass fibre, optical, container, lead crystal, tube, float glass and tableware.

Laboratory apparatus

Johnson Matthey makes a wide range of pgm laboratory apparatus including crucibles, dishes, casting moulds and platinum-tipped tongs.


Johnson Matthey has spent many years mastering the methods of working iridium into crucibles for high temperature applications.

Wire, tube and sheet

Pgm wire, tube and sheet for a variety of applications, made to individual requirements with consistent quality and dimensional stability.

Catalyst gauze

Catalyst gauze for nitric acid, cyanide, caprolactam and hydroxylamine manufacture. Other services include design, refining and low-grade recovery.

Jewellery alloys

Extensive research and development has created platinum and palladium jewellery alloys that enable easy processing from casting to final polishing.

Brazing alloys

Johnson Matthey is renowned for its wide range of pgm brazing filler metals, solders and other precious metal fluxes and brazepastes.