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PGM facts and figures


South Africa is the largest producer of platinum. Mining platinum from the Bushveld Complex began in 1925 with palladium and rhodium as by-products.
Russia is the largest producer of palladium. Norilsk Nickel began producing copper and nickel in 1935 with palladium and platinum as by-products.
Canada has produced pgm as by-products of nickel mining since 1908. Stillwater in the USA is a palladium-rich mine which began production in 1987.
Platinum in Zimbabwe was discovered in the rocks of the Great Dyke in 1918, but significant output from this extensive resource only began in the 1990s.


An Autocatalyst is a pollution control device fitted to cars and trucks, the catalytic converter (autocatalyst) is the largest application of platinum group metals.
Jewellery is the second largest sector of pgm demand. 85% of platinum jewellery is made and sold in China, Japan and the USA.
Industrial users of pgms benefit from the unique properties of the metals. Here are some of the key areas where pgms are used.
Fuel Cells using platinum catalysts generate power by the electrochemical reaction in which oxygen and hydrogen are combined.


Johnson Matthey's Market Reviews of supply and demand for the platinum group metals, are published twice a year and are free to download.
Market Data Charts of Johnson Matthey’s latest estimates of supply and demand of platinum, palladium and rhodium in oz troy that can be cut and pasted into documents.
Data Tables containing Johnson Matthey’s estimates of supply and demand dating back to 1975. The data is in oz troy and metric tonnes and can be viewed in PDF or Excel.
Platinum Metals Review is a free quarterly survey of scientific research on the platinum metals and of developments in their application in industry.


Here you can create and download daily and monthly Price Charts for platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium and ruthenium.
In this section you can view the Current Prices and an archive of the first price set each day in each region, Asia, Europe and the USA, back to 1992.
An archive looking back over the week's prices for platinum, palladium and rhodium. Price Bulletins offer Johnson Matthey's view on the reasons for any price moves.
A look back over the month's prices for platinum, palladium and rhodium. Monthly Price Report offer Johnson Matthey's view on the reasons for any price moves.