The platinum group metals are used in a wide variety of industries. This section describes many of the major uses of platinum group metals and their unique properties.


A pollution control device fitted to cars and trucks, the catalytic converter (autocatalyst) is the largest application of platinum group metals.


Jewellery is the second largest sector of pgm demand. 85% of platinum jewellery is made and sold in China, Japan and the USA.


The physical and chemical properties of pgms make them invaluable to many industries. Here are some of the key areas where they are used.

Fuel cells

Fuel cells using platinum catalysts generate power by the electrochemical reaction in which oxygen and hydrogen are combined.

Other demand sectors

Such is the usefulness, beauty and value of platinum and its sister metals that they are used widely in many varied applications.

Properties of PGM

Although they share many of the same characteristics, the platinum group metals have distinctly different properties.