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JM Base Prices $/oz

23 April 2014 08:00 / London
Platinum 1410
Palladium 800
Rhodium 1125
Iridium 580
Ruthenium 72

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Iridium 30 day price


Platinum 2013 Interim Review

Platinum 2013 Interim Review 70x70

Platinum 2013 Interim Review is Johnson Matthey's latest market review of supply and demand for the platinum group metals.

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Changes to Platinum Today

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From 1st January 2014 Platinum Today is reducing the scope of its platinum group metals information service. The site will continue to deliver current Johnson Matthey platinum group metals prices, comprehensive price charting facilities, tables of historical prices and monthly price reports. However, we are discontinuing our news and events services and our weekly price bulletins.

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